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Important : Protect and Access is not calling up anyone whatsoever and none of our staff members are authorized to place outbound calls so hang up immediately if you receive a call from anyone claiming that they are calling from Protect and Access.

Protectandaccess.com has been notified by some of its customers that they are being contacted by frivolous callers who claim that we are shutting down and offering refunds to everyone. This is not true.

We do not call up any of our customers on our own unless the customers are in need of support and have requested support from us. Please do not pay anyone making such claims.

Additionally please note that we have never and will never accept payments via MoneyGram, ACH, bank to bank transfers, International wire transfers, Western Union, etc. Also we do not issue refunds via these methods. The only way we issue refunds is on the card that was originally used to buy our services online. We do not store your card details and neither have access to your card details.

For any doubts please email us on support@protectandaccess.com
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At Protect and Access we believe in offering unique and customized products to our consumers.

Our proficient software products help PC users in maintaining the PC s good health.

Our products include PNA Antivirus, PNA PC Optimizer, PNA Extended Warranty and PNA online backup service.

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Nexus 7 tablet has been released
Google has released Nexus 7 tablet. It offers better resolution, better gaming, better resolution and sound as well as quick access to e books...

Facebook planning to introduce video....
You are scrolling through Facebook feed and you confront with a 15 second advertisement through YouTube. Facebook is considering over selling spots for TV-style commercials....
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Customer Name:Dr. Mester
Issue: Synchronization error of iCloud with Outlook, Printer issue and Cleanup and optimization of the computer

As I have grown accustomed, Barry did an outstanding job. He listens to the client, and meticulously explores every detail to ensure the computer is fixed correctly the first time. One trait I appreciate about Barry is that he never over promises you something he can not deliver....

Customer Id:2***2
Protect And Access Plan: Single Incident Support Plan
Technician Name: A*** D***** & R**

As I called to inquire for information for my troubled Computer and started asking Question and shared what Might be wrong With computer , right away I got really fast response from A*** and J***** and R**. They shared what could be wrong with my Computer and problem solve the situation as I saw them work on my screen as they trouble shot the situation.....

Unlimited Annual Support Plan with Managed Security Suite for One Computer
I received wonderful support today. All the staff I spoke and worked with were terrific especially Andrew. They all took time to explain things to me and made sure I understood what they were saying....

Unlimited Annual Support Plan with Managed Security Suite up to Three Computers
As far as I can tell my computers are at working satisfactory and I want to let you know I am pleased with how everything turned out. It is an advantage when using the notepad to communicate as well. We are both understood....

Unlimited Support Six Months Plan for One Computer
He really helped me and saved my computer. he did a wonderful job and was patient in the tedious process. and also was customer-friendly.

Single Incident Support Plan
Outstanding service, Much patience and professional assistance. Very much appreciated.

Unlimited Annual Support Plan with Managed Security Suite for One Computer
I would be very happy to recommend this service to anyone - the work was excellent and I look forward to a long relationship with this company - thanks

Single Incident Support Plan
Thanks for everything i loved the customer service and the technician Elizabeth and Harry . They did a wonderful job on my PC its running brand new again with no problems or pop ups....

Unlimited Annual Support Plan up to Two Computers
To talk to Oliver was a pleasure. He is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. If I were an explorer I would look for the qualities that Oliver has and would hire on the spot....
Thank you for your service

Unlimited Support Three Months Plan
I have appreciated the help from PNA. They were very professional from the gentleman that answered the call, to Mark who explained what was happening, and giving me an additional 2 month extension on the 3 month plan....

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